Notice: APA Customer Meeting 02.19.16

Customer Meeting on Friday, February 19, 2016 @ 9:00am to solicit comments on the following:

  • Draft #2 BCP Electric Service Contract (distributed 2-12-16)
  • Status of Transmission Requests (requests due 2-12-16)
  • Allocation of the three R’s
  • Process to select a Scheduling Entity and implement Dynamic Signals
  • Draft #2 APA Hoover Power Plant Capacity and Energy Sales and Delivery Contract
  • Hoover Allocation to APA Customers – Accept or Reject

Notice – Allottee Meeting 02 19 16

10-Year Rate Projection

Projected Post-2017 10 Yr Rate Forecast

This is a preliminary rate projection for the 10 years starting in 2017.  There are several unknown factors in the calculation such as the energy, capacity and A&G amounts.  The energy estimates are from Western’s 10-Year Plan, the capacity is constant from the current year and the A&G is an estimated amount.  There is a section at the bottom that includes scheduling entity revenue for the purpose of comparing to the current rate.  This spreadsheet will be updated as new information becomes available, and the date and time will be updated on the spreadsheet in order to identify the version.  (The rates do not include Repayable Advances)